Create Formula Field to Lookup First and Last Name

The DataFox for Salesforce integration can pull in your Account fields to DataFox. This allows users to filter, search, and set alerts based on Salesforce account fields like owner, tier, sector, etc.

If you’re trying to pull a User field into DataFox, you may see a string of text that correlates to the User ID. To convert the string to the actual user name, you’ll need to create a new field in Salesforce. This field will use a formula to display the user First and Last name.

The below directions walkthrough how to create such a Formula field:

1. Create new field on Account object

2. Select Formula field and click Next

3. Select Text and click Next

4. Click Insert Field to add the First Name

5. Select the First Name of the field you’re lookup up

6. Add the following syntax to the formula: & " " &

7. Click Insert Field to add the Last Name

8. Select the Last Name from the field you’re looking up:

9. Click Next

10. Click Next and Save the field

11. Add the field to DataFox

Because Salesforce data syncs to DataFox on a nightly basis, you’ll need to wait at least one night before adding your new field to DataFox. You can do so per these instructions to add additional Salesforce account fields to DataFox.

Having trouble creating the new field or adding it to DataFox? Contact

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