Share Lists to Collaborate Between Team Members

Sharing Lists in DataFox is a great way to ensure collaboration and eliminate the duplication of prospecting efforts. Users can easily see which companies are being tracked in Lists by others on their team, and can even remove these companies from Company Searches by leveraging the 'Other Lists' column!

Step 1 Locate the List You Want To Share.

Locate the list you want to share. 


Step 2 Click Share List.


You can also share a list while viewing a list by clicking the Options button then selecting Share List.

Step 3 Share Lists With Your Team. 

To share a list with other members of your team, click the Share With My Team button.

Step 4 Publish Lists with the Datafox Community.

You can publish a list so the entire Datafox community can view it by clicking the Publish This List button.

Step 5 Share Lists with Specific Individuals

You can share a list with a group of specific people by entering their email address and clicking Send Invitations.

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