Save Important Company Signals with Bookmarks

DataFox Bookmarks allow you to save important Company Signals for future reference.

You can't always act on Company Signals when you receive them. But with Bookmarks, you can view a Signal like new office opening or key hire, and then save for a later outbound email or reference in the future as key account intelligence. 

How to Bookmark Signals

There are 3 ways to bookmark DataFox Signals:

  1. Within Email Alerts
  2. Within Slack Alerts
  3. Within DataFox itself

1. Bookmarking Company Signals in Email

Simply click the Bookmark button within the Signal you'd like to save:


This will bring you back into DataFox, where you can now view your bookmarked signals:


2. Bookmarking Company Signals In Slack

If you've configured the Slack Integration, you'll now notice the Bookmark button within Slack Alert notifications, as well:


To enable bookmarking for Slack Alerts, you'll need to either follow the prompt that appears in Slack:


Or, click into Settings > Integrations and click Sign in with Slack:


You may be asked to authenticate in Slack:


Once completed, you'll be brought back to the Integrations page, where you'll see your account is now connected.


You're now ready to Bookmark Signals in Slack with just one click!

3. Bookmark Signals in DataFox

Within your Signal of interest, click the Bookmark button in the bottom right corner:



Viewing Bookmarked Company Signals

To access your bookmarked Company Signals, click into the Signals tab in the left sidebar and select the Bookmarks tab:


When Signals are no longer relevant, you can click the Mark as Completed button to remove them from your default view:


Viewing Completed Bookmarks

Your Bookmarks filter settings will default to only show you Open Bookmarks. That said, you can always view Completed Bookmarks by clicking the Add A Filter button:


In the modal that appears, you can adjust settings to show Open and/or Closed Bookmarks:


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