DataFox Data Synced via API into Reportable Fields in Salesforce

Having the wrong company information on your account objects in Salesforce is a problem. Dirty account data makes territory planning and company reporting in Salesforce nearly impossible.

By integrating your Datafox account with Salesforce, you can enrich fields in Salesforce using Datafox info, which then stays updated automatically. These are Salesforce fields where we fill in the data using our API. Since it's stored in Salesforce, you can therefore use the DataFox data to run reports in Salesforce.

Datafox will refresh account information in Salesforce with updated information from Datafox. We will update this automatically at the frequency of your choosing (monthly, weekly, daily, etc) - you'll never have outdated account information again. 

Here is an example of what this information looks like in Salesforce Classic - you can see below that we are able to pull in information like Techstack, Funding, Investors and Headcount: 


Here is an example of the same information in Lightning:


Below is a list of all of the field mappings for accounts, contacts and leads that will get pulled from Datafox into Salesforce.

Are you looking for something that you're not seeing on the list? Let us know! 

Account Level Data Fields we Automatically Sync via API

DataFox Field Description
Alexa Rank A ranking of traffic to the company's website
Crunchbase URL  
DataFox Score Overall score (composite of other scores)
DataFox URL  
Finance Score An estimate of finances
Growth Score How quickly this company is growing
HR Score An assessment of the team
Influence Score How influential this company is 
Keywords Keywords describing the business
Last Funding Round Amount Amount of the last round of financing
Last Funding Round Type Ex: Series A, B, Late Stage
LinkedIn URL  
Long Description  
Name Account name
Number of Employees  
Revenue Estimate Revenue estimate provided by third party
Short Description  
Total Funding  
Twitter Followers  
Twitter Handle  
URL Website URL
Year Founded  
Postal Code  

Contact & Lead Level Data Fields we Automatically Sync via API

Current Title  
First Name  
Last Name  
Middle Name  

Moving Forward - Never Worry About Stale Data Again

From now on, the data will be automatically synced from DataFox via API so that your reports always run on the freshest DataFox data. You can edit the frequency on which your data is updated in the settings section of your DataFox account. 

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