Updating Datafox Company Information with Salesforce

Often times our customers will make updates to their Salesforce accounts that they'd like to see updated in Datafox as well. For example, you may want to update the number of employees for an account in Salesforce and see that information reflected in Datafox to maintain your data integrity. 

In order to do this, we will go into Salesforce and create a new workflow rule and email template. This will allow you to automatically send an alert to our team to make sure that every time you make an update to specific account-level fields in Salesforce, the new information will show up in Datafox.

Step 1: Create New Email Template

In your settings, click on Administer > Communication Templates > Email Templates. Click on "New Template." 


Next, you'll be prompted to choose the type of email template. Select HTML and click next. 

Now you'll edit the Email Template Information. You can keep the folder the same. Check the box next to Available for Use. The Email Template Name will say Datafox Field Update. Select No Letterhead, and select Freeform Letter next to Email Layout. Keep the Encoding the same, and type in the following into the Description: When certain fields are changed, send update to Datafox. It should look like this once completed:


Next, we'll fill out the Email Content.

Copy and paste the following into the email subject: 

Update for: {!Account.Name}

Copy & paste this information into the body of the template: 

Please Update Company Information for {!Account.Name} :

DataFox Id: {!Account.dfox__Id__c}

Account Name: {!Account.Name}

Account URL: {!Account.Website}

DataFox Profile: {!Account.dfox__Url__c}

Number of Employees: {!Account.NumberOfEmployees}




Admin Link:

When you're done, it should look like this:


Click Next. On the next page, select the option at the top that says Copy text from HTML version, and click Save. 

Nice work! You've created the email that will be sent to our team to update your Datafox account with the information that you've manually updated in Salesforce. Next, we'll create a Workflow Rule to automatically send this out when you update account information. 

Step 2: Create a Workflow Rule

In your settings, click on Build > Create > Workflow and Approvals > Workflow Rules. Click on New Rule. 


Under Object, select Account. Click Next. 

Title the Rule Name Field Change - Update Datafox. Copy and paste the following into the Description: On field change - send update to Datafox. 

Under Evaluation Criteriaselect: Created, and every time it's edited. 

Under Run this rule if the following, select "formula evaluates to true.

Next, we'll insert our formula. The standard formula is: 

NOT(ISNEW()), NOT(ISBLANK( dfox__Id__c )), OR( AND(ISCHANGED( your_field_name ), PRIORVALUE( your_field_name ) <> your_field_name ), AND(ISCHANGED( your_field_name ), PRIORVALUE( your_field_name ) <> your_fieldname ) )

Note: you must include the (dfox__Id__c) component so that we can make sure your updated information connects to your DataFox account.You will want to change the (your_field_name) qualifiers to any field that you'll want updated in Datafox if it's manually updated in Salesforce.

Here is an example:

NOT(ISBLANK( dfox__Id__c )),
AND(ISCHANGED( NumberOfEmployees ), PRIORVALUE( NumberOfEmployees ) <> NumberOfEmployees ),
AND(ISCHANGED( BillingStreet ), PRIORVALUE( BillingStreet ) <> BillingStreet ),
AND(ISCHANGED( BillingCity ), PRIORVALUE( BillingCity ) <> BillingCity ),
AND(ISCHANGED( BillingState ), PRIORVALUE( BillingState ) <> BillingState ),
AND(ISCHANGED( BillingCountry ), PRIORVALUE( BillingCountry ) <> BillingCountry ),
AND(ISCHANGED( Linkedin_URL__c ), PRIORVALUE( Linkedin_URL__c ) <> Linkedin_URL__c )

It should look something like this when you're done:


Click Save & Next. 

Now we will add our Workflow Action to make sure that when you update one of these fields in Salesforce, our team is notified to make an update in your Datafox account.

Select Add Workflow Action and click New Email Alert. 

Next to Description, write Update DataFox from Changed Field. Click on the magnifying glass template to select the email template you created. In this example, we titled it Datafox Field Update. 

Leave Recipient Type blank, and type in support@datafox.zendesk.com next to Additional Emails. 

It should look like this:


Click Save. 

You're done! Now, every time you update one of the fields you specified in your Workflow Rule, we will receive an email telling us to update that same information in your Datafox account.

Please note that due to the large volume of requests we won't be replying to these automated emails, but you can expect the changes to be reflected into your Datafox account within two business days.

Questions? Your Customer Success Managers are here to help! Give us a shout at support@datafox.com if you need help setting up this workflow or if there's anything else we can do to help you get up and running with Datafox. 


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