Find Truly Net New Accounts - Target Companies That are NOT YET in Salesforce

The magic of DataFox's CRM Intelligence starts with the ability to see insights on the accounts you already have sold well into and filter among the accounts that are in your name.  

See The Unseen. We also empower you to do something much more challenging: finding companies that ARE in your target market, but NOT YET in Salesforce. This is an easy way to find a brand new set of companies that fit your ICP or that are worth targeting. 

The Case of the "Missing TAM": Every sales executive is in search for Total Addressable Market (TAM) and sales reps love new quality opportunities. We empower you to find the TAM that wasn't yet in your CRM. It was effectively missing for your company, but we help you find it and grow your pie. 

DataFox: Once that's completed, you'll begin by logging into DataFox and filtering a new company search by companies "Not Yet Synced in Salesforce." Note, to do this, you'll need to have your DataFox account integrated with Salesforce. Check with your Salesforce Admin if you're unsure about this. 

Net New: Now, you have all of the companies that are not yet in your CRM - they are truly net new to Salesforce. 


Narrow Your Target List: From there, you can filter these accounts by your target criteria. Here is a walkthrough of all of the powerful ways you can filter accounts

Voila: Now you have a list of all the companies meeting your specific targeting criteria - that are net new to Salesforce. If you're a sales rep, then these are new greenfield accounts you can reach out to. 

Now, you can save that list of prospects as a DataFox list, save that search to track it moving forward, sync those new accounts over to Salesforce, or hunt for signals or insights on them.


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