Insights on Your Most Successful Find More Like Them

With DataFox Insights, you can not only find key firmographic information about your current customers, but you can also find similar companies worth targeting with only a couple of mouse clicks. 

You can get to the insights tab from a saved list or company search inside of DataFox. In the example below, we will create a search based on information from our Salesforce instance. 

We'll start by filtering a company search down to companies owned by a specific sales rep at a prospect tier of 1 or 2. What we're asking DataFox to do is gather a list of known companies that we believe will get the best value for our product. Alex_Tier_1_2.gif

From there, we can click on the Insights tab to learn more about our prospects. From there, we can click on any of the check boxes on this page to select criteria for a new search based on the trends we see in our current prospects.

The Insights on this particular set is telling us that most of these companies are in the SaaS and Finance space, with between 10-200 customers, and up to $5M in funding. By selecting all of those options, we are setting the criteria for a new search of companies in DataFox. 


It's important to make sure that we make the selection for companies NOT currently synced to Salesforce. This ensures that we will only see new companies in our search.


From there, we'll scroll back up to the top of the screen and select the button that says Create a New Search from this Selection:


Voila! More companies that are like the ones you've sold into well, plus a clear set of talking points about why you are reaching out to them - they fit the range and archetype of many similar successful customers. 

Don't Have Salesforce Integrated?

There are a few quick ways to do this from the DataFox web app:

  • Spreadsheet: If you have that list of customers in a spreadsheet already, then import it into DataFox. 
  • New List in DataFox: You can create a new "List" in DataFox and quickly type in a few of the top customers you can think of
  • You can run a Company Search report from from within DataFox to find companies that meet your ideal criteria. 

If you don't have a list of best customers handy, try:

  • Filter down to a list of your ideal type of customer using DataFox Company Search.
  • Pick a Conference or Award List you like, filter it as you wish, and then look at insights on those companies. You can use our Conference Intelligence or Public Lists to find tens of thousands of these kinds of lists. 

Then, click on the "Insights" tab. Enjoy these real-time insights into your ideal prospect. 


Your Customers Success Managers are here to help! Let us know if you have any questions about the Insights tab or anything else related to DataFox. We welcome your product feedback, too! Give us a shout at any time. 



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