Instantly Sync Accounts from DataFox into Salesforce

Go to a Company Profile in DataFox

Pick any company you are interested in. From any DataFox List or Search report, click on the company link to see its full profile.

You can now see firmographic data, linkage data, signals, contacts, job listings, and more. Since we already know that this is a new prospect that you are free to claim, let’s assume you want to pursue it.

"Check for Matching" Automatically Prevents Duplicates

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, click “Check for Matching Companies” to push it (with all its data) over to Salesforce. By clicking on this option, DataFox will double-check that the company isn’t yet in Salesforce (we want to help our customers be extra careful not to create duplicates).

Then, click Sync. Now, you can see a confirmation that we have synced the account over to Salesforce.



Sync Multiple Companies to Salesforce at Once

You can even sync multiple accounts at once with a few clicks. Go back to your list of prospects, notice that you can also sync multiple accounts at once by toggling multiple checkboxes in the company table and selecting “Sync to Salesforce”. This makes it easy to identify and ingest guaranteed new target accounts into Salesforce (with the knowledge that they will stay updated from now on).

You can also sync Contacts to Salesforce from DataFox


Quickly Jump From Any DataFox Profile to its Synced Counterpart in Salesforce

From within DataFox, look to the top right-hand corner of the screen. Underneath the Salesforce Sync section, you’ll noticed a heading that says “Synced to Account” and the company name will be a clickable link. When you click on the company name you will be taken to the Account profile in Salesforce.


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