Use Signals to Take Action on a List of Prospects

DataFox makes it easy to build lists of companies you care about and even automatically generate insights on your best customers to find more like them.

DataFox Signals 

On any list or saved search, you can then use DataFox Signals to bubble up prospects that have reached a key milestone. Introduction to Company Signals.


Filtering for Specific Signals

Signals work like a newsfeed of key milestones. Meanwhile, you can also use them for bubbling up prospects. 

Let’s say you are interested in companies that are growing - you can filter by only growth signals - and identify companies who have just hired a key executive, won a major award, or opened a new office (among 40+ other signals).

Try picking just a few Signals you are most interested in. Our best customers use these Signals as a way to prioritize among accounts. 


On the right side of the page, you can also configure alerts for company Signals from DataFox.

Signals Give You a Reason To Reach Out

It’s much easier to reach out to prospects with a personalized message like “Congratulations on the recent award and partnership. I noticed you will be at xyz upcoming conference. Could I buy you a coffee there?” By monitoring a feed of your top prospects, you will have a steady drip of good reasons to reach out to them. 

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