Building Salesforce Reports with Custom DataFox Information

Not only are you able to pull in custom company information from DataFox into your Salesforce instance, but you can include that information in your Salesforce reports as well. Leveraging DataFox information allows you to run much more powerful opportunity and account reports in Salesforce using the constantly refreshed data that updates automatically. This is ideal for Sales Operations professionals who are working on territory/account assignments, Sales Reps who want to prioritize their accounts that fit their company's ICP, and much more. 

Let's say you want to create a report of accounts that haven't been touched by your sales reps in the last 30 days, but you'd also like to include qualifiers to make sure that you're only pulling in results that fit your ICP. We will take you through these steps in the example below. 

First, we'll click on the Reports tab and select "New Report."


From there, we're going to select "Accounts" and click create. 


First, let's pull in some information from your Salesforce instance. We'll add a filter to show all accounts that are not current customers and haven't been touched by a sales rep in the last 30 days.

We'll start by selecting the "Customer Status" option and dragging it over the your Data Fields. Then we'll create the formula so it reads "Customer Status not equal to Active Customer." That way, we're pulling in any account that is not a current customer, even if the field is blank.  

From there, we'll select the "Last Activity" option and drag it over to the Data Fields section underneath "Customer Status". Then, we'll select "Less Than" on the pick list and type in "30 days ago." It should look like this:


Next, we can start pulling in some DataFox information. By typing "DF" into the Quickfind search bar, you can see a list of all of the information that we can gather from DataFox:


In the example below, we want to know which of these accounts are SaaS companies that use Salesforce or Marketo, with at least $2 million in funding. We will drag over the appropriate fields from DataFox and include them in our report. When we're finished, it will look something like this:


Once you've determined the rest of your criteria, click "Run Report." From there, you can group your results by Account Owner and have a custom list of accounts to assign to your reps to start targeting: 


Of course, this is only one example of the type of information we can gather in your Salesforce instance from DataFox. For a complete list of fields that we can gather and report on from DataFox, check out our DataFox Data Synced via API support article.

Need more help running custom reports in Salesforce? Your Customer Success Managers are here to help! Give us a shout for help with this or anything else you need to get you up and running!

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