Salesforce Account Owner Email and Slack Alerts

DataFox's Salesforce integration allows your team to stay up to date with signals on key accounts and receive notifications in a daily email or custom Slack channel. 

In the example below, we'll create alerts for our high priority prospects.

Step 1: Filter by Salesforce account owner and apply any additional filters such as tier 1 and 2 clients.


Step 2: Create a notification by clicking on the bell in the upper right corner of the screen, toggle the notifications you would like to receive, and the frequency.


Step 3: For email alerts select the frequency and save.

For Slack Alerts:  

After the search is filtered and saved using the steps above, follow the instructions below to create an instant Slack alert.

Step 1:  Create a custom channel in Slack by clicking the "+" sign next to channel and name the channel. You can insert a purpose and invite relevant members of your team. 


Step 2: Click on the notification bell in the upper right corner of DataFox, change the frequency to Slack, and insert the same custom Slack channel into the frequency drop down.  Click save. You'll start receiving instant alerts on a saved Salesforce filtered search in Slack. 



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