Contact and Signal Lists (June 2017)

It is our mission at DataFox to help eliminate grunt work out of your day-to-day workflow. One way that we've done this is through our lists feature. We know that creating company lists can be extremely useful for segmenting out your prospects, targeting accounts at an upcoming conference, or building gathering information on companies that fit your ICP.

We decided to take this a step further by creating lists specific to contacts and signals. Now you can utilize both of these components of DataFox so that they are actionable. For example, you can create a list of contacts at companies attending an upcoming conference, or save key signals and events from your list of prospects to use in your outreach at a later date. 

Creating a Contact List

You can do this in DataFox from any page that has a contacts tab - company search, saved search, company profile, etc. In the example below, we will begin from the company search page, and click on the "Contacts" tab:


From there, you can save contacts one of two ways. The first way is to click on an individual contact and bookmark them:


This will add the individual to a list in your account called Bookmarked Contacts.

You can also save contacts in bulk by clicking on the check box next to their names and clicking on the Add to List. From there, you can add contacts to your Bookmarked Contacts list, or create a new list.


You can find your lists by clicking on the Lists tab in DataFox and clicking on Contact Lists. 


You'll be able to see your lists, as well as any lists that your team members have shared with you. 

From here, you can use your lists as action items. For example, if you make a lists of contacts to reach out to, you can mark them as "Completed" when you've reached out.


By keeping your contacts and companies organized, you can easily segment and track your key prospects and take action on them. 

Now, let's take this a step further and...

Create a Signals List

Much like creating a list of contacts, you can create a list of signals from anywhere within DataFox with a signals tab. In the example below, we'll start out in Company Search and click on signals. 


To save an individual signal, click on the bookmark icon underneath the update. This will add them to a list titled Bookmarked Signals.

To save more than one signal at once, you can click on the check boxes next to the signals you want to save. From there, you can either add them to your Bookmarked Signals list or you can create a new list.


You can find your lists by clicking on the Lists tab in DataFox and clicking on Signal Lists.

Finding_Signal_List.pngYou'll be able to see your lists, as well as any lists that your team members have shared with you. 

Much like the contact lists, the signal lists are actionable as well. From your list, you can instantly insert Signals into your outreach emails, and also mark them as completed once you've done so. 


We hope that by keeping your companies, contacts and signals organized, you're able to eliminate some of the heavy lifting in your workflows.

Have questions or feedback? Is it working like you'd expected? Let us know! Give us a shout at anytime. 

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