Where can I find your documentation? 

The complete and updated documentation is available here


How do we communicate with your API?

The API is a RESTful API. Communication happens over standard HTTPS and responses are returned in JSON.


What is the authentication mechanism?

OAuth 2.0 is the authentication mechanism. Authenticate with a “client credentials grant” for two legged service-to-service integration, which is the most common use case.


How long has it taken for other customers to get set up with the API?

Full implementation typically takes a week. 


Do you have a Software Development Kit (SDK) for language X?

We don’t provide SDKs for every language, but the API is a standard REST API, so you should be able to implement an integration in any language.


What is the rate limit? 

The default rate limit is 3 calls per second, but it’s adjustable. We want to ensure quality of service to meet your needs.


Do the access tokens expire?

Yes, each access token issues expires in 4 hours. You can use the associated refresh token to get a new access token.


How can I verify the data quality?

If you contact us, we can perform a match on a sample of your data and give a dump of signals.


What are the IP addresses for the DataFox API load balancers?

Currently, the IP addresses for our API load balancers are:




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