API Setup

Overview of API Setup:

All of our API documentation is outlined here, but to provide a brief overview, the API is a RESTful API. Communication happens over standard HTTPS, and responses are returned in JSON. You can see the firmographic and signal data endpoints available in our API resources. 


Getting Started with Authentication:

This resource will walk you through creating the Client ID and Client Secret to generate the access token, which is valid for 4 hours.   


Most likely, your implementation will not require the full 3-legged OAuth2 authentication flow. In that case, we usually recommend using a client credentials grant to exchange the credentials listed above with an access token to be used for subsequent requests. Note these access tokens last for 4 hours for security purposes, and the access tokens can be refreshed using this endpoint.


You can programmatically match companies in your target list with the canonical DataFox record using the /match/companies endpoint by passing the name and/or url of the company as a query parameter. The endpoint supports matching by name and/or url and refining by location. The matching endpoint also supports bulk matching.You can use this endpoint to grab a DataFox ID for a record in your target list. We recommend you save this ID in your database for future use.


Once you have the DataFox IDs for the companies on your target list, you can retrieve the detailed firmographic data on each company using the /companies/:id/details endpoint. This works well for individual lookups (e.g. a new record is entered into your system).

For bulk enrichment or refreshing your data, you can use the match/companies endpoint and specify the ids parameter to fetch the data on up to 100 companies at a time. Note the data for each company will only include the basic fields. If you want the more detailed fields, then you should also specify the fields parameter.

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