Prospect by Searching Company Job Listings and News Feeds (Full Text Search)

What Are Full Text Searches?

This feature allows you to search more than 10,000 news feeds, job postings, and company blogs for keywords or phrases of your choosing. Full Text Searches are useful for searching companies by Tech Stack, Job Postings, or searching across sectors.

What Are Some Useful Text Searches People Use

The most common use case is to search through a large list of companies to find ones that use a specific technology or are hiring for specific types of employees.  For example: 

  • Technology types: You can search companies by technology types using Tech Stack Searches. But Full Text Searches can give you additional results from job postings, news feeds, and company blogs. Here are some examples of popular search queries:
    • 'Hadoop'
    • 'Magento'
  • Specific job roles: You can search for companies hiring for a specific role or job function. 
    • 'Sales Development'
    • 'Financial Planning'
  • Cross-sector searches: Find highly targeted companies by integrating DataFox filters with Full Text Searches. Add search criteria in the Data tab like keywords for 'SaaS' companies and then, run a Full Text Search for 'medicare'. This will give you a useful search for SaaS companies working in healthcare.


Note: You can add companies from your searches to lists by clicking on the checkbox next to each company:


Where Can I Do Full Text Searches?

You can run Full Text Searches in Company Search, Lists, and Company Profiles.

  • Company Search: You can define your prospecting territory by criteria like keywords, headcount, and location. And then, narrow your search with a Full Text Search for technologies or job hirings.4.png
  • Lists: You can search news feeds and job postings for a list of companies like your conference lists.7.pngNote: In this example, we are searching for companies participating in the 'RSA Conference' who are hiring for professionals with experience in 'endpoint security'. The RSA Conference list is one of 15,000+ Public Lists where you can run the same types of searches.

Exclude keywords or phrases from your search results

You can also execute a search that removes results containing a specific keyword. For example, you can search for Job Postings containing the word "iOS" but excluding those mentioning "Android":

iOS -Android 

Tip: If you need to search for phrases like "iOS developer", use quotations around the phrase. 

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