Use 'Other Lists' Filter to keep Track of your Targeted Prospects

Even if you're not configured with the Salesforce Integration, you can still use DataFox filters to track companies that are near and dear to you. 

Using our CSV Importer Tool, you can pull lists of companies directly from your CRM and upload them into DataFox as Lists - at which point you'll be able to leverage the Other Lists filter to track companies across different Lists. Here's how it's done:

Step 1: Find the Other Lists Filter

Within a Search or List, click into the Other Lists dropdown and click 'Filter':


Step 2: Select the type of Search you'd like to Conduct

The Other Lists filter has 3 settings:

1. Show companies that are in or not in a specific list - Best used when looking to isolate companies in a specific List (or Lists):


OR remove companies from a specific List (or Lists) from your selection:


2. Show companies which are in at least one list - Best used when looking to view ALL companies already being tracked by people in your organization:


3. Show companies which aren't in any lists - Best used when looking to remove ALL companies already being tracked by people in your organization (Ideal for identifying net-new prospects):


Can't find the Other Lists Column?

Click the Customize Columns icon in the top right corner to reveal undisplayed columns:


In the modal that appears, type 'Other Lists' into the search bar, then drag and drop the column into your Active Columns:

The column is now displayed on the table and ready for use.

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