Location: Use our mileage radius bar to include or excluding cities

You can search and prioritize prospects based not only City, State, Country, and Zip Code, but also by applying Mileage Radius and excluding certain areas. This can be useful when you're searching for companies in metro areas like Atlanta, or want to search for companies in a state like California but want to exclude any company in Silicon Valley.

Search areas by applying a mileage radius

To search for companies in areas around a city, go to Company Search and click Add a Filter.



After clicking on the filter, you can add a city like Atlanta and then toggle the mileage radius bar to define your area. The Mileage Radius ranges from 0 to 100 miles.

You can even search by Metropolitan Hub or Region using the tags at the bottom of the modal:

Exclude areas from your search

If your territory is defined by companies in a state but not in a certain city or area, you can search dynamically by excluding cities from your search. After adding a State or Country to your search, you can exclude certain Cities. For instance, if you're searching for California companies not in Silicon Valley, you could add a state filter for California and a City filters for San Francisco and San Jose with a Mileage Radius of 30 miles:

Know when new prospects enter your territory

Once you've built a Saved Search, you can edit your Signal Alerts settings by clicking on the bell-shaped icon in the top right corner of the screen:


When the Signals Alert Preferences box opens, toggle off all Events except for New Companies Matching Your Criteria and click Save



You'll now receive alerts in your daily email digest letting you know when new companies enter your territory, or new companies in that territory are added to our database. 

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