Contact Info: Find Email and Phone Info for Targeted Contacts

DataFox's Contact Info allows you to search and download more than 4 million employee emails and phone numbers. 

You can access Contact Info from a List, Search or Company Profile by clicking into the Contact Info tab. This allows you to source contacts from a single company or multiple companies at once.

You can filter and search contacts using the Add a Filter button:


The below filters allow you to narrow down your search for:

Job Function: Narrow contact info to employees in roles like CEOs, marketing, founders, and engineering. 
Contact Name: Search by a name to quickly find a specific employee. 
Contact Information: Filter results where is only an email available, phone number, or unlocked contact info. 
Source: Limit your results to Free or Paid Contact Info records.

Download Contact Info to CSV (Appended with Company data) 

Download contact information to a .csv file by checking the boxes of the contacts you want to download to CSV and then clicking the Download button:


The download will include the contact's name, company, role, and contact info, along with related company information like URL, funding, headcount, location, and other company data points.

You can also also download contact info in bulk by clicking the select all checkbox. This will select the first 100 results on the page. If you have more than 100 results, you'll want to click the select all link. Note: You can download a maximum of 1,000 contacts at a time.


Unlock Contact Info 

Certain Contact Info records must be unlocked using Contact Credits preloaded into your account. If you need Contact Credits, please email 

Click one of the icons in the Available Contact Info column to view available contact info:


Then, click Unlock Contact Info:


Once unlocked, you can now view and download the Contact Info.

Bulk Unlock: Unlock multiple contact records at once

You can even unlock Contact Info for multiple credits, as well:


Add Contacts from DataFox to Salesforce

If your DataFox account is connected to Salesforce, you can add contacts from DataFox to Salesforce as Leads or Contacts using this guide: Add Contacts directly from DataFox to Salesforce.

Need help identifying contacts? Contact for assistance!


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