Download and Extract Company Info to .csv File

You can download company info from the Data view in a List or Saved Search. To do so, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to a List or Saved Search

You can only download from a List or Saved Search:


If you setup search filters and want to download data, you'll need to first save the search by clicking the Save Changes button:


Step 2: Add fields for you to download

You have the option to download all available data points, or just the one in your current view:


If you want to select other fields for your download, click the Change Columns icon, and select fields to include:


Want to download round-by-round funding info? 

The download from the Data view only includes funding info for the latest round, date, amount, and investors. To download funding information by funding round, you'll need to do a separate download per these download by funding round instructions.   

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