Import Company Lists from Spreadsheets, Websites, or with Support From our Analysts

You can import a list of companies to DataFox using the Import List function. This tool allows you to easily and quickly import your list of companies from an excel file. 

If your list of companies is in a different format or is sourced directly from a website, you can also send the source directly to our analysts. Our analysts will parse the data, add a list of companies to your account, and notify you when it's ready. 

Option 1: Click one of the 'Import List' icons:


This will reveal a modal where you can add your list of companies from an Excel or .CSV file. The modal includes instructions for properly formatting your file for the upload. 


Most importantly, in your original source file, confirm the headers in your file are titled Name and URL. If your file does not include URLs, the import tool will still work, but you may want to send the list directly to our analysts for complete and accurate results (see below).

Alternatively, you can import using DataFox IDs. Confirm the header in your file is titled "DataFox ID". This an be useful for updating Custom Columns. For more information on importing custom column info, see this article

Option 2: Send your list to DataFox analysts for complete and accurate results

While the import tool is useful for quickly creating lists from an excel file, our analysts can also help with spreadsheet formatting, de-duplicating accounts, extracting company lists from websites, and much more. You can send your list of companies (or a website with a company listing) directly to our analysts by clicking the Send to DataFox link.

A form will pop up where you can enter your List Name, add a source file, and/or include the website url in the notes section:

The turnaround time for lists generally depends on the size of the list and the quality of data. Our analysts generally finish lists in 1-3 days. If you need the list request rushed for any reason, please include a note in the comments section. 

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