Bulk import and append custom info to DataFox using Custom Columns

You can import custom columns from a spreadsheet, complete with your unique information, directly into DataFox.  

Step 1: Click the Customize Columns Icon Within a List or Search Page:


Step 2: Click the 'Manage Custom Columns' Button 

Step 3: Add Custom Fields from the Settings Page

Head to the Settings page and click Add Custom Field:


At this point, you can select which type of column to create (Text, Number, or Date fields). You can also create a Picklist, where you can define values for a dropdown. Or you can add a Teamlist, which will include a dropdown of DataFox users on your team account. 

Optional: Bulk Append DataFox Columns with Custom Data

With these columns created in DataFox, you'll need to collect the company information you'd like to import into an Excel or CSV file format

Note: This information is exportable from most all CRM solutions.  If you're using Salesforce as your CRM, take a look at this article detailing DataFox's seamless integration.  

Whichever file format you choose, the first two column names MUST be 'Name' and 'URL'--any subsequent columns can be named however you choose:

With this data in order, return to your DataFox home dashboard and select one of the links to import a list:


And select the option that allows you to import a CSV or Excel file.  You can always reach out to support@datafox.com if you experience import issues:

DataFox will quickly search for and notify you of any missing integral data.  Any fields missing a 'Name' or 'URL' field will be omitted.  

Unmatched rows are collected in a separate CSV file, which you can send to DataFox Analysts for final resolution.  We strongly recommend this option, particularly with larger list sizes, as it guarantees 100% matching of your accounts to DataFox profiles.

Your list will appear under the 'My Lists' tab in your home dashboard under the name of your original spreadsheet file, which you can click into to see your freshly imported Custom Columns:


Uploading Custom Columns to the Data Table View

You can upload your custom columns to the data table view. There are two steps to do this.

Step 1: Select Custom Columns

Head to company, list or conference page and select Custom Columns.

Step 2: Selecting a Custom Column to display on the Data Table View

Once inside the Custom Column popup scroll down and you can see a list of test columns to the right.


Select the test columns you wish to use, and they will appear on the data table view.


Questions about how to import Custom Columns?  Email us at support@datafox.co.

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