Build a Company's Competitor List in Seconds with "Similar Company" Search

Our users are always looking for quicker ways to build high-quality prospect lists. With DataFox's Similar Companies Search, you can start with one company and build a comps list of similar companies in minutes.

Step 1: Create a list of similar companies from a company profile

The quickest way to source similar companies is to go to a company’s profile (in this example, we'll use Stripe) and click on the Similar Companies tab.  You should see a table with similar companies. To add these companies to a list, click on the Save to List button and name your list: 


 Step 2: Build your comps list with an additional similar company search

You can run the Similar Company Search on not only one company but also multiple companies in a list. In the example above, we created a comps list from Stripe's profile. Now, we can modify that list and re-run Similar Company Search to find 10x more similar companies!

Here's how to do it: Go to the list you created in Step 1 (or any of your other lists). From here, you can run the Similar Companies Search on the whole list by clicking on the Similar Companies tab. It may take a minute for the Similar Companies Search to run on your list, as its searching more than 1,200,000 companies in our database. Once it loads, the companies will be sorted in order of similarity.

Step 3: Apply filters to narrow down your search results

You can then narrow down the similar companies by applying filters like Founded date


 Step 4: Add companies to your comps list

Once you've narrowed down the similar companies, start adding companies to your lists. If you add companies to the list that generated the similar companies, notice how the Similar Companies tab reloads based on the new inputs: 

Step 5: Customize email alerts to create actionable news signals

Now that you've built your list of companies, you'll want to connect with these companies with the right message at the right time. Our email alerts give you these signals by notifying you of important company news, new funding, and conference appearances.

To customize your email alerts, go to the Data tab in your list and click on the Edit Alerts button. You can toggle on and off Event Types to customize your email alert for the most relevant signals.


Note: If you have Email Alerts setup for multiple lists and Saved Searches, those alerts will be rolled into one daily email). 

What's Next?

Now that you've built a quality comps list with email alerts, try using Company Search and Public Lists to continue building your list. 

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