"Lists" Overview: Track Specific Company Prospects

What is a "List"? A List is one of the two ways you can collect and track companies in DataFox: "Lists" and "Saved Searches"

How Can I Add Companies To A List?

You can add companies to lists from several different places in DataFox:

  • Company Profiles
  • Company Search
  • Cloning Public Lists
  • From Job Listings


Adding a Single Company to a List from a Company Profile

You can add companies to Lists from individual profile pages, as well:



Adding Multiple Companies to a List from Company Search

Once you’ve identified prospects in a search, you can add the prospects to a tracking list by hovering over the company and clicking Add to List. You can also add multiple prospects at once by clicking the boxes next to company names and clicking Add to List. 7.png


Cloning Public Lists

DataFox has tens of thousands of Public Lists that you can copy, which creates a private list containing all of those companies, which you can then whittle down according to your targeting criteria. 

Building Lists from Full Text Search

You can find companies that are recruiting for specific jobs or have had specific signals and build lists from those companies as well. More details here.


Alerts on Your Lists 

Once you’ve created a list, you can start receiving “Company Signal” alerts. Signals will not only make you more informed about your accounts but are also indicators of the right timing and messaging for reaching out to your prospects. Here is our overview of how to set Signal Alerts.



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