Prospect by Territory or Sourcing Criteria using Location, Employees, and 30+ Other Company Filters

DataFox allows you to find new, verified companies to prospect.  The above video and below walkthrough shows you how to save searches to get alerts on new companies meeting your search criteria. Here is an overview of how to build a new company prospect list in DataFox.


You can build a robust pipeline with high-quality prospects by searching DataFox and building prospect target lists based on your criteria like sector and headcount, but also Location, Tech Stack, Funding, and more than 30 other data filters. These filters allow you to save time finding the right prospects and focus on core selling activities.

You can receive new company alerts in your DataFox digest email, or see when companies meet your search criteria over time in DataFox using the Date Added column

Step 1: Go To Company Search


Step 2: Click "Add a Filter"


Step 3: Choose Your Filters Based on Your Prospecting Criteria

DataFox filters include:


  • Location: Setup territories based on cities, mileage ranges, and zip codes.

  • Tech Stack: Filter results based on whether a company uses Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, and more than 2,000 tech stack tools.

  • Employees: Define your employee headcount range to focus on.

  • Funding and 30 others! 


Step 4: (Optional) You Can Also Exclude Companies To Fit Your Criteria

Industry Keywords

This can be useful when running searches like healthcare tech companies NOT in biotechnology or pharmaceuticals.


Exclude Locations

This can be useful when searching a state or country and needing to exclude a certain city. For instance, you may want to see all companies in California that are not in San Francisco.


Exclude Investors

For instance, you might want to search all cyber security firms where Sequoia Capital is not an investor: 


Saving Your Results
From Company Search, you can save specific companies to a List or create a dynamically updating Saved Search. Here is an overview of the difference between Lists and Saved Searches
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