How to Configure Alerts for Company Signals from DataFox

DataFox’s Company Signals will improve your close rates when you target the right companies at the right time. These relevant news and events about your prospects will give you fodder for personalizing messages that lead to higher response rates. And these timely signals can shorten the sales cycle by helping you reach out to buyers when they are actually in the market to buy. Here is an overview of DataFox Signals.

You can organize your prospects in two different ways using DataFox (Lists and Saved Searches). You can get alerts on both:

Option 1: Signal Alerts on a List

1) Click the bell-shaped icon in the top right corner of the screen:



2) Select your Alert frequency settings (Check out this article for more on the Slack integration).



3) Select the types of alerts you want to receive and click "Save".



4) To manage your alerts, click "Alerts" in the navigation.


Option 2: Signal Alerts on a Saved Search

Creating Saved Searches allows you to edit the News Alerts you receive on the companies contained within. 

1) Search for companies using filters.

2) Click "Save Changes" then click "Save".



3) Select your Alert frequency settings.



4) Select the types of alerts you want to receive and click "Save".



5) To manage these alerts, click "Alerts" in the navigation and select the "Saved Search" tab.




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