Prospect using Tech Stack Search: Find Companies Using Any of +14k Technologies

You can search and prioritize prospects based on their installed technology platforms. With more than 14,000 searchable technologies, you can know which companies are using Salesforce, Marketo, Amazon Web Services, Optimizely, Mixpanel, Marketo, Hubspot, and many more.


Search companies for 14,000+ technologies

You can apply technology stack filters within a List or Search in DataFox. Simply click 'Add a Filter' and select Tech Stack from the modal that appears:


You can search for companies using a specific technology or general technology category (Be sure to scroll down a bit to view these). We've included some of our most popular search values, but please note there are more than 14,000 technologies to search from. A full list of technologies is included in the attachment to this post.


Configure your Preferred Tech Stack Values

Account Admins are able to determine the shortlist of Tech Stack values that will appear in the new Tech Stack column for all users on their DataFox Account Team. This is a great way to eliminate irrelevant technologies streamline searching for end users.

Within the Tech Stack filter, click the Configure Preferred Tech Stack link to set your shortlist:


You can also edit your Tech Stack configuration by clicking into Settings > Tech Stack:


Once set, the values you configure will be the only values present in the Tech Stack column for the users on your team:


Users on your team will now have the option to filter by all included Tech Stack values with just one click:


Admins can always adjust their team's Preferred Tech Stack configuration by clicking into Settings > Tech Stack. Quickly remove all Tech Stack configuration by clicking the Clear All Tech Stack link:


Stay on top of new prospects adding the technologies you track

Like other filters in DataFox, you can setup a Saved Search using the Tech Stack filter. After adding one or more technologies to your search, then click the Save Changes button.

When the Signal Alert Preferences box opens, toggle off all Events except for New Companies Matching Your Criteria and click Save.


You'll now receive alerts in your daily email digest letting you know when companies add new technologies you're tracking, or new companies with those technologies are added to our database. 

Upon returning to the Saved Search screen, you'll notice the presence of a new column: Date Added. This indicates the date on which a company was added to your search; in this case, it indicates when a company has started using one of your configured Tech Stack solutions. Sort this row in descending order to quickly view recently added companies:


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