Google Chrome Extension Installation Guide

How it works:

See a DataFox profile on any website, without ever leaving the page. With the DataFox Chrome Extension, you can quickly access company info like funding, location, business description, and similar companies. 



Step 1: Go to the DataFox Profiles App in the Chrome Web Store

Step 2: Click Add to Chrome in the top right 

Step 3: Choose Add Extension in the bottom right 


Step 4: Go to the DataFox Icon in your browser and click Connect to DataFox


Step 5: Login to with your DataFox credentials


Don't have a DataFox account? Register here or call us at 415-969-2144 for more information.

Step 6: Allow the extension to connect with your DataFox account


Step 7: Enjoy! You can now get company info on a website by clicking the icon in your browser


Q: What if I visit a website for which you do not yet have a profile?

A: If you request info on a profile that we do not yet have, we will give you the ability to one-click submit your company URL. We will follow up with you when we’ve built a profile for it.

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