Easily create, add, remove, and edit Custom Columns

You can easily create, order, and edit columns using the Change Columns interface. To open the interface, click the  icon in the Data view:

Add, remove, and reorder columns

You can easily adjust Active and Inactive columns by clicking the checkboxes next to column names. You can also click and drag columns to reorder or move them between Active and Inactive:

Create Editable Custom Columns

To create a column you can edit with text, numbers, and dates, click the Manage Custom Column icon. This will bring you to the Settings page, where you can scroll down and select Add Custom Field.  At this point, you can select which type of column to create (Text, Number, or Date fields). You can also create a Picklist, where you can define values for a dropdown. Or you can add a Teamlist, which will include a dropdown of DataFox users on your team account.

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