Acting upon Signals Delivered to your Inbox or Slack Channel

You can know the right time and messaging to reach out to a top prospect using Company Signals sent to your inbox or Slack. 

Below is a sample email received by Alex Brunbauer, one of our Outbound Prospecting reps here at DataFox. In the daily email digest, Alex learned about an acquisition for one of his top prospects, Showpad. Alex then leveraged info from the acquisition and other account intelligence to craft a timely and relevant email to Showpad's VP of Sales.

Want to setup Company Signals for your inbox or Slack? You can follow this short guide to start receiving timely alerts on your top prospects. 

Act on your daily digest of Company Signals 

A quick inspection of this email alerted Alex to some valuable information about a company in his territory:

Triggered into action, Alex clicks into the Showpad profile page in DataFox and goes directly to the ‘Contact Info’ tab  to determine the appropriate person to reach out to:


From this shortlist, Alex finds his target and, not 3 hours after the initial announcement of Showpad’s acquisition of LIA, pounces:


Email or call 415-969-2144 with questions.


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