"Saved Searches" Overview: Tracking Companies and Alerts on New Prospects

What is a "Saved Search"? A Saved Search is one of the two ways you can collect and track companies in DataFox: "Lists" and "Saved Searches"

Step 1: Build Your Prospect List 

Here is an overview of how to use DataFox search and company filters.  

Step 2: Save Your Search

From your Company Search results page, click "Save Changes". 


Step 3: Name Your Search

Preferably something that you'll remember!

Step 4: Choose Alert Settings

Note: a "Saved Search" Can Serve Three Different Purposes, Depending On How You Set up you Alerts. 

Option A: Get Alerted When a Company Newly Meets Your Search Criteria

After applying your search criteria, you can save the search by clicking the Save Search button and toggling off all the Alert options except 'New Companies' Matching Your Criteria. 

Note: be sure to set this up as an 'Email' alert, as 'New Companies' do not appear in Slack Alerts. 


When will you get alerted? When either (a) a new company is added to our database that meets your criteria, or (b) an already existing company hits a milestone or newly fits within your filtering criteria. 

Option B: Signal Alerts on Companies In Your Saved Search

Use this to receive Signal alerts on the companies in your Saved Search. Here are more details on DataFox Signals and customizing your Signal Alert preferences

Option C: Just a Bookmark, No Alerts

Use this if you do not want any alerts, but you do want to be able to come back to your search later.

Click 'Delete This Alert'. From now on, you can find your new Saved Search from your home dashboard, but you will not get alerts on it.  


Going Forward, You Can See the Date On Which Companies Were Newly Added to Your Saved Search

You can see when new companies meet your search criteria over the last week, month, year, etc. The Date Added column shows the date a company met your search criteria.

You can sort the Date Added column to see when new companies met your search criteria over a certain period of time. The Date Added column will default to the second column on any Saved Search:


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