How to Receive Slack Notifications on Your List or Saved Search

Get instant notifications on your prospects or accounts sent directly to a Slack channel. These alerts are great for knowing when to reach out to your existing prospects or keeping tabs on your target accounts. 

Step 1: Create a Public Channel in Slack

Once you've configured your DataFox for Slack integration, you'll need to create a new public Channel in Slack*. For instance, if you'd like notifications on your prospects, you could create a channel like #sean-prospects:

*Note: If you are the person who set up your company's Slack configuration, you can create a private channel and receive alerts. All other users need to put them in public channels. For more information, check out our guides on installing and debugging the DataFox/Slack connection. 

Step 2: Setup alerts in DataFox from a List or Saved Search

After you create the channel, go to your List or Saved Search in DataFox. In the top right corner, click on the Alerts icon (looks like a bell). In the News Alert Preference popup, set the Frequency to Instant (Slack), and then, enter the name of the Slack channel you'd like the alerts piped into (e.g. sean-prospects). Finally, choose the event types you'd like to receive:


HINT: Aren't seeing any alerts in Slack? Make sure you've typed the channel name in correctly, without the # sign. 

Step 3: Confirm Slack alerts are setup properly

To confirm that your alerts are properly configured, click into the assigned Slack channel and check for the confirmation message from DataFox:

You're now set to receive Alerts on your Lists and/or Searches via Slack!

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