What if I'm not receiving any alerts in Slack?

Let's start with a brief note on our philosophy about Alerts. 

Our goal is to avoid inundating you with news and we go to great lengths to minimize noise. We have a system of algorithms and human auditors that de-duplicate news articles, classify and cluster similar concepts, and distill the massive volume of news out there into a simplified feed with lower volume, MUCH higher quality insights. Visit our "Introduction to Company Signals" for more details on how we do this and the Signal types we offer. With our granular alert settings, you can toggle the news volume up and down to suit your preferences. 

1. Let's make sure that your integration is setup properly. 

  • In your "Integrations" settings page app.datafox.com/settings/integrations, you should be able to see that that the app successfully connected. 
  • Next, let's make sure that the channel you created is public*. Private channels in Slack have a lock icon next to them, and public channels have a # icon, as shown in the image below. 
  • Then, let's check that your alert settings worked (after following these setup steps). One quick test for this is to adjust your alert settings for one of your alerts (either on a list or saved search). Any time you change and save your alert settings, then you should receive a confirmatory message in your Slack channel. To do this, go to "datafox.com/alerts" and toggle one of the Signal types on or off, and then hit save. You should receive a confirmation message like this one in the Slack channel you chose when setting up your alerts.

    • If you do NOT receive this confirmation message, then something is wrong with the underlying installation. Check out our customer walkthrough for how to integrate with Slack. In short, you want to double check that you:
      • installed the Slack application correctly
      • set your alerts to "instant" 
      • set the correct Slack channel in your alert settings
    • If you DO receive this confirmation message, then your integration is set up properly, so we'll skip to the next step...

 *Note: If you are the person who set up your company's Slack configuration, you can create a private channel and receive alerts. All other users need to put them in public channels. For more information, check out our guides on installing and receiving notifications in the DataFox/Slack connection. 

2. You have two options for controlling alert volume: 
  • More companies: many of our customers receive very granular alerts on tens of thousands of companies. For example, you can use us to find out every time a tech company in North America opens a new office. So the quickest way to receive more alerts is to track more companies. To do this, add more companies to your list or saved search.
  • Broader alert types: assuming you are already following all of the companies you care about, you can also expand the types of Signals you receive alerts on. Go to the alerts page (datafox.com/alerts) and adjust which Signal types you want alerts on. 
    • Want to receive a HUGE volume of signals on a few companies? We do have a way for you to maximize the volume of signals you receive - just scroll down the bottom of your Alerts settings and toggle the option "Uncategorized News" ON in your alert settings. 
    • Just be careful - while it won't be quite as noisy as traditional signal alerts are - it will still run the risk of sending you too many unimportant alerts to be useful.
Still not getting exactly the alerts you want? Feel free to reach out to support@datafox.com.
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