CRM Clean, Match & Enrich: Overview

DataFox helps the most progressive companies in the world clean and enrich their CRMs. We leverage our algorithms and APIs to match your CRM account records to DataFox company profiles, discover data inconsistencies or duplicate account records in your CRM, and enrich your CRM with DataFox firmographic info and growth Signals on your top Accounts.

What follows is a high-level overview of that process:

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Why Does DataFox Care So Much About Clean Databases?

To build a rich data set of growth companies, DataFox ingests data from 50+ different data pipelines spanning millions of primary and secondary sources. To run our business, we must rigorously measure the cleanliness of our data set.

Data is a special kind of beast: Once bad data gets in, it's tough to get it out. That's why DataFox works so hard to clean company data before bubbling it up to DataFox company profiles.  

Here's an overview of how the DataFox data business works from the perspective of how data flows through our platform:

So, why are we so passionate about anomaly detection? We need to separate correct from potentially incorrect data. Consequently, we built a series of algorithms to detect each type of error (and even flag anomalies that may or may not be problems). For the data science enthusiasts, we skew towards high precision, even at the expense of recall.

Once it passes all tests, we THEN match the data to our company records and ingest it. 

Over time, we heard from our customers YOU have the same challenge that we have: dirty, unreliable data coming into your database.   

Realizing we could apply our internal tools to your CRM, we have productized our internal anomaly detection tools to clean, match, and enrich your CRM. 

CRM Clean, Match & Enrich Overview


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