Adjust your Salesforce sync settings - ADMINS ONLY

Note: The sync settings can only be controlled by the DataFox Team Admin. If you need to change the team admin, please email

You can customize you Salesforce sync settings using the Settings page in DataFox. You can set how often you want it to sync (e.g. daily, weekly) and how many companies to sync each time (e.g. 1,000 companies). The sync settings will look at which companies were most recently synced to make sure all companies get synced on a regular basis:

In other words, if you have 30,000 Salesforce accounts, you can adjust the settings to sync 5,000 companies each day. This would ensure all 30,000 accounts are synced each week: 


You can also adjust the settings to sync all 30,000 accounts each day. The only issue here is that this sync setting will use 30,000 Salesforce API calls, so you'll want to look at how many Salesforce API calls your group has on a daily basis. 


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