Live Insights on Leads and Accounts in Salesforce


See live company insights from within Salesforce, including:

  • News Signals - recent milestones it's achieved
  • Similar Companies - competitive landscape

You'll be able to see enriched information from DataFox for your

  • Leads
  • Contacts 
  • Accounts

If you can't access these Insights, ask your Admin to setup your Salesforce Integration with the iFrame on each of these three pages.

You'll find this information on any Account, Lead, or Contact page in Salesforce:

Here's how it looks in Salesforce


This helps you dive deep into any company from within Salesforce, e.g. Twilio:
Get News Signals on key milestones your target accounts have reached:


and Similar Companies in Salesforce:


A few of the fields contained in the DataFox insights iFrame for Salesforce:


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