How to Export Salesforce Accounts for DataFox Import

 1) Go to the “Report” tab and click on the “New Report” button:

2) Open the “Accounts & Contacts” folder and select “Accounts”. Then, click the “Create” button:

3) Set the following filters:

  • Show = “All Accounts”
  • Date Field = “Date Created”
  • Range = “All time”

4) Add the following fields to the report (Your field names could be slightly different):

  • Account Name
  • Account ID
  • Website
  • City
  • State
  • Country

5) Click the “Run Report” button:

6) To export the report to a Excel file (.xls), click the “Export Details” button; then, click “Export”:

7) Email your .xls file to We’ll match your companies on the backend, and inject the list in your account. Feel free to include custom data fields; we’ll add your custom fields to DataFox.

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