"Lists" vs "Saved Searches": Two Ways to Organize Your Company Prospects

There are two different ways to track companies in DataFox.


A "List" is a static collection of companies that you can put companies into. You can add and remove companies from a List, but companies are never automatically added or removed from them. 

You can add companies to lists from almost everywhere in DataFox, including company profiles, other lists, and from our different search tools that make prospecting fun.

Lists are by default private to you, but you can share them with your colleagues or you can even make them public to all DataFox users.

You can also follow lists so that you get Signal alerts on the companies in that list.

More details on Lists here


Saved Search

A "Saved Search" is a dynamically updating collection of companies.

Using our company search, you can filter our database for only companies meeting your ideal company characteristics. 

By "saving" this search, you preserve it for later and you can get two different types of automated alerts on that collection:

(1) Signal alerts, and

(2) "Net New" company alerts that a company newly meets your search criteria.

More details on Saved Searches here.


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