Find Conferences My Target Prospects Are Attending

You can easily find which conferences your target accounts are attending using the Conferences page. This page shows includes two columns indicating how many of your target accounts are attending that conference: 

  • Prospects You're Following: The number of companies in your DataFox Lists and Saved Searches
  • Accounts Synced with Salesforce: The number of companies synced to your Salesforce (note: this column is only visible for users with DataFox for Salesforce). 

With these columns, you can identify, from among all upcoming conferences, which conferences are the most valuable to attend. 

Looking for Conferences in a Specific Sector, Location, or Date Range?

DataFox aggregates data on thousands of conferences and makes it easy to filter them based on the following criteria:
  • Conference Name: Have a specific conference in mind? Search our conference directory to see if it's included. Didn't find it? You can just send us a conference request, and we'll build that conference list for you. 
  • Location: Only interested in participating in local events or have a specific geography in mind? Filter by 'Country' or by 'State' for conferences based in the US. 
  • Date: By default, we only show future events. But you can include past events by expanding the date range.  
  • Company Participant: Want to see all conferences a specific company is attending or sponsoring? Filter by company name. 
  • Sector: Interested in specific industries? We classify conferences into 20 different filterable categories: Agriculture, Automotive, Big Data & Analytics, BioTech, Consumer Electronics, Digital Media, Education, Enterprise Software, Finance, Food & Beverage, Government, Healthcare, Human Capital Management, Information Technology, Investing, Logistics, Networks & Telecom, News & Media, Retail & E-Commerce, Sales & Marketing. 

Looking for Conferences a Specific Company will Attend?

You can also see upcoming conferences a company participates in on its profile page using the Signals feed OR the conference listing on the right side of the page:


Know which conferences your prospects are attending

You can use DataFox Company Signals to learn which conferences a company or set of companies are attending. 

To see a feed of which conferences your prospects are attending, go to the Signals tab in any List or Search. Click on the filters, and apply filters for 'Events & Marketing' to narrow down to conference-specific events. 


To receive alerts for new conferences your prospects are attending, you can click on the bell icon on the top right corner of any List or Saved search. You can then filter for Events & Marketing signals to send the alert to your daily email briefing or Slack channel.


Learn more about setting up alerts for emails or Slacks here

Request a conference list

Not finding a conference that you are thinking about attending? You can ask us to crunch any new conference!

Next, learn about the 2nd major aspect of Conference Explorer:

2. Find NEW Target Accounts at Conferences I Will Attend

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