Sync Contacts from DataFox to your Salesforce Instance

Once you've identified contacts in DataFox, you can add these contacts directly from DataFox to Salesforce as Leads or Contacts. Note that you can also easily sync Companies into DataFox as Accounts (with automated duplicate prevention).

Note: In order to add contacts from DataFox to Salesforce, you'll need to connect your DataFox account to Salesforce.

1. Add Contacts from DataFox app to Salesforce

Within the Contact Info tab, you can sync Contacts individually by clicking their Name, or Available Contact Info and then clicking the Sync to Salesforce link:


Or to add in bulk, click the checkboxes next to each corresponding contact and then click the Sync to Salesforce link.

Note: Depending upon your group's Salesforce specifications, pushing too many records at a time may cause one of the following errors:

  • APEX_ERROR: System.LimitException: Query of LOB fields caused heap usage to exceed limit. (dfox)
  • APEX_ERROR: System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded (dfox)

If you experience one of these errors, you can try syncing contacts in smaller batches. Or, email us at 

2. Add contacts from DataFox Salesforce iFrame to Salesforce

Sync Contacts sourced from DataFox as Accounts, Contacts or Leads using the DataFox iFrame

Add DataFox contacts as Salesforce Contacts or Leads

You can add DataFox contacts to Salesforce as Salesforce Leads or Contacts. Salesforce Contacts can only be added if the associated company is already a Salesforce Account.

If the company is not already a Salesforce Account, you'll receive the below message: "Cannot create new Contact without syncing":

You can add that company as a Salesforce Account by going to the company profile and syncing the company to Salesforce:

Then, repeat the above steps add the DataFox contact to Salesforce. 

Have a question about Contact Info? Need more contact credits? Email us at  

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