Use Salesforce Account Filters to Prioritize and Track Companies in your CRM

Once your Salesforce Integration is configured, you have the ability to use the Salesforce Account and Salesforce Account Owner filters to track companies already existing in your Salesforce instance: 

Salesforce Account Owner: Sales reps can use DataFox to find companies where you are Salesforce Account Owner and then run powerful filters to narrow your list or use Signals to bubble up movers and shakers

Salesforce Account: You can filter by either "Synced to Salesforce" or "Not Synced to Salesforce". This is a quick way to split all accounts by either "Existing" versus "Net New". 



Advanced Searches: To do some really advanced searches that leverage both Salesforce and DataFox data, your team can configure your Salesforce-DataFox sync to pull in other account fields from Salesforce.

Your DataFox Admin can set up a sync of new fields. Then, you can filter on both DataFox data AND Salesforce data from within DataFox.

This empowers you to run powerful searches such as:  "Find me all companies that are in my specified geography, in my desired headcount range (or any other DataFox field) AND that no one in my company has reached out to in the past month (from Salesforce synced data)".

Now that you have all of you named accounts in a list, you can further filter it down. For example, you can quickly:

  • find all accounts that are in a particular city you are traveling to;
  • find all of your accounts that have recently reached a specific milestone by viewing the signals tab on your saved search;
  • find all of the accounts that you have not touched in the past 90 days. See below for some of the advanced features at your disposal:

By taking advantage of these Salesforce filters in DataFox, you now have the ability to unlock powerful insight into your named accounts and run new, powerful searches using Datafox's flexible search and filtering technology. 

These filters can be used within Lists and Searches, which of course are your key to configuring Company Signals on selections of companies. 

Check out this article for more on how to use these and more filters to discover net-new companies.


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