Tips for Prioritizing Named Accounts in DataFox

For sales reps operating in a Named Account environment, the challenge is determining which accounts are most valuable to prioritize today. With a list of your accounts in DataFox, you can quickly prioritize by companies with the most recent funding, new products, and more than 30 company growth signals. This article will cover 3 different ways you can prioritize your named accounts within DataFox.

Option 1: Filter by Accounts in one of your Lists

With a List of your accounts in DataFox, you can quickly prioritize by companies with the most recent funding, new products, and more than 30 company growth signals. 

You can find your saved Lists in your Home dashboard:


Once inside a List, click the Add a Filter button:


Option 2: Import your Accounts/Leads into DataFox as a List

Export a list of accounts or leads from your CRM in .CSV format and upload it into DataFox for easy prioritizing (Have questions about exporting data from your CRM? Contact us at

Option 3: Use Salesforce Account filters to Reveal your Territory

If your Salesforce Integration is configured, you can use these filters to highlight Accounts in your name.

Prioritizing with Filters

With your Named Account territory visualized, apply filters that align to your Sales process. In this example, we'll filter out all companies without a Funding Event in the past 18 months:


Your List has now been truncated to only show companies that fall within your sweet spot:


Expert tip: To export data on the companies in your territory, click the Download to Spreadsheet button in the top right corner of your dash (More on exporting data here):


Prioritize by Company Signals using the Signals tab

Find out about important Signals made within your territory, now represented as a List in DataFox, by clicking into the Signals tab: 

Click the Open Filters button to whittle the feed down to only the Company Signals you care about:


With your filters set, select a company making signals that's meaningful to your Sales cycle. You're now presented with an aggregated list of Company Signals for that company: 

Expert tip: Everyone looks for Funding Events; savvy users will look for interesting events occurring around major landmarks to confirm indications of growth. 

Conferences are expensive business endeavors; a company like the one below that's attended multiple conferences recently is looking to grow fast, and just may be the right fit for your product:


True standouts can be added to even more targeted Lists for close monitoring:

You'll of course want to make sure you've configured your Company Signals to alert you of the next ideal time to reach out, or you can search for the right person to contact in the Contact Info tab.

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