Prioritize Companies by Web Traffic using Alexa rankings

By incorporating Alexa rankings, a global rank of 30,000,000 companies across the globe by web traffic, DataFox allows you to prioritize companies by web presence. The Alexa rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews over the past month.

Finding the Alexa Rank Filter

To apply Alexa Rank filters within a List or Search, simply click Add a Filter. From there, you can search for 'Web Traffic' in the quick search box:


Using the Alexa rank filter

You can adjust the range of ranks you want to view by either manually entering the rank:


Or, you can adjust the scroll bars on the filter:


Get alerted when companies move up the Alexa ranks

You can receive alerts whenever a company crosses an Alexa rank threshold. After applying your Alexa rank filter, you can click Save Search and setup an alert for New Companies.


Have a question about Alexa rankings? You can contact us at with any questions. 

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